Donated Museum Artifacts
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Carl Pearson
Global Property Developers
Ride Items
2 Coaster Cars, 1 Bouncer car, 1 Bumper Car Body.

Game Items
2 Gun Ball posts, Multiple Bottle Toss bottles, Multiple Coke bottles for Ring toss, 2 rings.

Park Items
Signs, sales cart, railing, park bench, employee work vest, Kids all day wrist bands, backscratcher, frozen drink cup.
Cheryl Lanciani
Leominster, MA
Ride tickets, water slide ticket Book, frequent skate card.
Historical Society
2 Whalom Park Signs
Ride height requirements sign
Whalom Bowling League sign
Lancaster Flea Market
Ride Sign
Main ride sign from the Scrambler flat ride
Karen Gustafson
Fitchburg, MA
Newspaper Articles and Photographs
Halloween event bags
Acquired Museum Items
Contracted project
Whalom Park Carousel House Blueprints
After weighing many options to relocate the historic carousel house at Whalom park we had to look in another direction. The building was not formed in a fashion were dismantling and reconstruction was an option. the 86ft wide building was too large, even if were to be cut in half, to relocate by truck. Air lifting the building was even looked into but was not cost effective. We contracted a local Architect to get measurements and draw up blueprints off the original building. A newly constructed carousel house will house our Whalom Museum.
Flea Market Finds
Post Cards
Local Flea Markets have proven to be a great place for us to expand in our Museum offerings. We have dozens of posts cards from the tern of the century to the 60's.
Ebay Purchases
Roller Skates
Pair of 1950's roller skates with Whalom Park Skate Club branded carry case
Black & White photo
Old photo of the Trolley and Whalom Trolley station

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