New Whalom Cooperative, LLC
Board of Supervisors

William St Yves
   General Manager

Scott A. Lanciani Whalom Coop logo
   Founder/Board President
      Investor Relations
      Media Contact

Michael Coutermarsh
   Museum Curator
   Web Site & Online Admin

Kim Kovac
   Events Coordinator
   Sponsorship Director

Katie Whipple
   Accessibility Director

Coop Consultants

Andrew Probert
   Conceptual Artist
   Themeing and Design Consultant

Matt Heller
   Industry Professional
      Performance Optimist Consulting
      Attraction Pros

Scott Carson
   Industry Professional
      Amusement Advantage

Matthew Cropp
   Co-Executive Director of the Vermont Employee Ownership Center
      Vermont Employee Ownership Center

Laddie Lushen Esq
   Cooperative Attorney