These individuals provided photo’s design features, coding and more to

Shoot Again Amusements Shoot Again Amassment is a private company that buys, restores, and sells classic video games and pinball machines
Contributed: Photos of Whalom Park and it’s rides
Bob Cornellier (Fan Site) A fan page dedicated to his travels to parks around New England including Whalom Park
Contributed: Photos of the park and Cross Promotion with his site
Michael S. Horwood The Composer of a variety of vocal, instrumental and electro acoustic combinations. In his free time, he travels to Amusement and theme parks. They have even served as a focal point to some of his compositions.
Contributed: Photos of the Flyer comet circa 1970’s (pre-black hole)
Mike DelGiuidce
An illustration and graphic design artist
Contributed: kindly volunteered his time and talent to develop new logos for both New Whalom Cooperative, LLC and New Whalom Park
Michael Coutermarsh Web designer, photographer, and park enthusiasts
Contributed: Personal time to code and build the web site as well as our sponsored sites and New England Haunts.
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