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These sites house Whalom related content and articles

Roller Coaster DataBase The webs Premier Database of parks and Roller coasters past and present around the world
Theme Park Page An Enthusiast site about Parks, coasters, and rides with a variety of information
Whalom Memories This site contains an interactive whalom map created by Whalom puppeteer and owner owner of the Drawbridge Puppet Theater
Laff in the Dark Laff In The Dark is a site focused on Dark rides and Fun houses across the world. The operators of the site visited and wrote an article on Whalom fun house.
New Plus Notes This fan blog covers Amusement parks news. this link will go to his Whalom blog posts.

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SFNEOnline Forums

One of the best sites and forums for New England parks. dedecated to Six Flags new England, get the latest news and Rumors From New England’s largest park.
Whalom Park Forums This is the place to fallow and share your thoughts about whalom park. Remomber the past and build a future. The forums also provides local news and weather, Park news and discussions. Here you will find Photo albums from Whalom events as well as Park related content like Photo Trip Report’s by Michael Coutermarsh from parks around New England and beyond
New England Haunts This is a non biased database of Haunted houses and attractions is updated every season
North Central Mass
Chamber of Commerce
Home page to the local Chamber of commerce.New Whalom Cooperative, LLC is a member.
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