New Whalom Park
A Good Thing

Written by: Michael Coutermarsh

New Whalom Park Ownership Program, LLC is working to rebuild the joy and memories of the Amusement park. Whalom Park was built off of the history and memories that are equally as strong as the goal we have set for our company. Using Whalom as an established brand, we feel we can rebuild the classic attraction while incorporating a newer level of technology. Whalom will, most importantly, be family friendly, family priced, and green.

The original park employed 300 during the peak summer season. New Whalom Park would employ more then that to support a more diverse ride selection. We expect to hire up to 700 seasonal employees to support park operations with a portion of that consisting of year round positions. New Whalom Park would have an impact on local unemployment by hiring locals both seasonal and full time to handle park operations. Recent industry trends have also seen an increase in adults looking to the amusement industry for employment.

A return of Whalom Park would have a huge impact on the area. Local economies have reported profitable changes after the return of a local park. Some small parks with as little as 200 employees have reported paying salaries exceeding 2 million dollars. Maggie Valley, North Carolina has reported that over the last 2 years their reopened park has paid out $125,000 to the state and county in Sales and Amusement taxes. Since it’s reopening, the area has seen an increase in occupancy rates along with the tax revenue associated with hotel and motel occupancy.

Attendance at the New Whalom Park would generate funds that would trickle into the local economy. Whalom had been generating an attendance of more then a quarter million guests a year. New Whalom can expect to see that and more. Tax revenue would be paid out to city and state in the form of income, property, sales and food taxes. By hiring our needed employees locally, we will in turn be building a stronger local economy.