Hollywood & Disney Artist Lends
Talent to New Whalom Park

Written by: Michael Coutermarsh
For immediate release

When you think about movies like Back to the Future or Sat Trek: The motion Picture, TV shows like the original Battle Star Galactica or Star Trek: The Next Generation you are not likely thinking about Andrew Probert. Andrew was the creative mind behind many of the characters, ships, and futuristic elements needed to make these and other TV and movie projects the successes they are. At times uncredited his imaginative mind and eye for detail was harnessed by Disney Imaginering before moving on to Hollywood and TV projects. His talents found themselves in Massachusetts and a public access TV show about classic parks brought Whalom Park to his attention. His searches to learn about Whalom Park brought him to The New Whalom Park Ownership Program.

Andrew Probert brought to us an impressive resume. As a member of Walt Disney Imaginering, Andrew designed various theme park rides & attractions. On the big screen he was a major design contributor for Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Concept and on screen art for Back to the Future 1, and TRON. His artistic career on the small screen included designing the robotic Cyclones for the original Battlestar: Galactica, Airwolf, Streethawk, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Today besides his Work with the Whalom Project Andrew still creates art to Star Trek related printings as well as being called on by the video game industry working with Spectrum Holobyte, Sega, and recently Perpetual Entertainment’s Star Trek Online.

The New Whalom Park Ownership Program, LLC. is a cooperatively owned and operated company dedicated in preserving Whalom Park. Its efforts are focused on the development of a new Whalom Park attraction. This is where Andrew comes into play taking this simple but promising concept and developing it into a visual reality. This new attraction will include a museum, restaurants, games area, indoor and outdoor rides and entertainment. An attraction not limited to the restraints of a tradition amusement season, offering a Whale of a time year round.

Learn more online: www.newwhalom.com

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