Whalom Event Series
For a Whale of a Time

Written by: Michael Coutermarsh

For more then 100 years Whalom was a destination for family entertainment for New Englanders, especially the people of North Central Massachusetts who called Whalom their home park. So many families built memories but as the century came to a close so did the entertainment offered by Whalom. When the New Whalom Park Ownership Program was started it was built on the objective of returning entertainment to North Central Mass. While our main goal is to build a park in the memory and atmosphere of Whalom Park we wanted to get the entertainment going wile we continue our efforts to rebuild Whalom. After participating in events in the past and sponsoring a roller skating event last October we wanted to move forward. From those small outings, the Whalom Event Series was born. Family fun will return to the region in the form of Dance Nights sponsored by DJ Mike Campbell’s Platinum Productions, a summer fair, as well as other events cooperating with local businesses. The New Whalom Park Ownership Program is thrilled to offer our Event Series for 2010. It will without a doubt be a whale of a time.