New Whalom Cooperative, LLC

Remembering the past to build a better future

A brief history of Whalom Park

In 1892 Whalom Park was opened by the Fitchburg & Leominster Street railway Co. in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, making it the 13th oldest amusement park in the US. The trolley park’s sole purpose was to increase usage of the Trolley line on weekends. In 1935, Whalom was purchased by Henry Bowen and his family. The park grew under their ownership adding the Flyer comet, a Vernon Keenon designed figure-eight-coaster, in 1940 after the parks shooting star coaster was destroyed by a Hurricane and a Tornado in 1938. In the parks 108 years of operation it held on to classic rides that many parks had long sent to pasture such as the Tumble bug, Whip, Flying Scooters, and more. Whalom also featured an operating Funhouse with many classic gags including a spinning wood Barrel. Despite its unique charm and classic offerings Whalom closed in 2000.

Program overview

The closing of Whalom saddened many people in the community. Generations went to Whalom for old-time non-commercial fun. Families could go for the day and unwind from the long work week, while couples once went there for roller skating and dancing. Whalom was never a Disney World or a Six Flags, but that’s what made it special to so many. Employees who worked there felt like Whalom was their home away from home. People are upset that there is no place for local family fun.
Portions of the community want to get involved but don’t know how. Some think that Whalom Park is too far gone. However, there are many people with a small shimmer of hope, and united in the right way they could make Whalom Park shine again. A local man, Scott A. Lanciani has developed a plan for the community to get involved, through a cooperative ownership, called the New Whalom Park Cooperative, LLC. People can purchase ownership units. This would be a way to win back the people in the surrounding communities; everyone can and would be heard. Local people would own the park. Local people would run the park – A true family environment!

This community based program involves buying cooperative units and owning their piece of the park. All unit holders will be able to vote on key issues and will receive a dividend based on their usage of the new attraction. While we are not a non-profit we have and will continue to operate in that fashion. Help bring back beloved Whalom Park, for generations of today and tomorrow to enjoy!!!

New Whalom Park Focus

First and foremost the New Whalom Park will be a museum dedicated to Whalom and the rides of its time. The attraction will both indoors and outdoors. The indoor section will feature a Whalom History Museum, bowling, indoor amusement rides, mini golf, an arcade, a restaurant, along with other food and entertainment options. It will also be a Green facility. The outdoor section would showcase larger rides reminiscent of Whalom Park along with new rides that we are sure will soon to be Whalom favorites. In time there will be a replica of Whalom Park’s iconic roller coaster, the Black Hole Flyer Comet.

If you have any questions or comments or would like more information on this program, please contact
Scott A. Lanciani at (978) 697-0289 by email:
Or write us at
New Whalom Coop, LLC
PO Box 592
Leominster, MA 01453-0592